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This is our official and only application process. Your support is needed to help us shoot this fresh new pilot “Road To Halftime” Each submission gets us closer to our goal of bring on the best local documentary filmmakers, and guarantees you a spot somewhere on the

“Road To Halftime” Pilot.


The “Road To Halftime Show” offers local artists the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of thousands of fans during a halftime performance. Our fundraising campaign runs for 30 days on the Indiegogo platform for the public. Prior to that, an artist has 15 days on our website to upload their music for consideration.

All contributing artists who are available during filming will be included in the pilot. Artists can apply by uploading two songs, one of which can be a cover tune, with a contribution of $25.

As a token of our appreciation, artists will receive one ticket to any of our live tapings. Additionally, this guarantees their inclusion in the pilot and grants them a free one-month trial at

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Thank you for visiting the Road to Halftime application page.
At this time all submissions are closed. 

Application to submit will reopen for 5 days only Nov 20th, 12:00 am - 24th, 12:00 pm. 

Please join our mailing list for alerts and possibly other ways to audition.  


Road To Halftime Flyer

F.A.Q. - Artist and Dancers

Is there a minimum age to participate?

Yes, at this time we are requiring all participants to be at least 18 years of age at the time of submission. 

Is there a deadline for submissions and what if I miss it?

Yes, the deadline for all submissions for the Orlando performance will be Nov 3rd or until we find enough artist for the auditions.  

Our firm is considering a submission. Will a judge from a competing firm judge our submission?

The judging process consists of several rounds of judging and resembles a sports tournament bracket so we can avoid any potential complications and yet get submissions viewed as many times as possible. All submissions will advance through the judging bracket anonymously.

What genre of music can be submitted?

We welcome all genres of music to be submitted

What if my submission can fit into more than one category. 

You can submit the same idea into up to three categories of your choice. Also, jurors will have the prerogative to switch a submission to a new category if they think it better aligns in a new category.

Will I be informed if I am selected to move on to the next round?

Yes, if you as an artist are selected to move on to the next round, the participant will receive a phone call and an email confirmation. If the participant does not respond to the phone call or email confirmation within 48 hours, they may be subject to removal from the competition and moving forward

Can I get a receipt?

Yes, check your inbox! Upon successful processing of your support, our system will autogenerate a receipt coming from Road to Halftime with the subject line: “Road To Halftime” will be emailed to your email address.

Will there be contracts signed to participate in the competition?

Yes, all participants must sign an agreement to participate in the competition portion of the pilot Road To Halftime. 

If my music is selected for sync licensing will I be notified?

Absolutely, we will contact you to set up how your music will be marketed and shared along with the contract, revenue splits, and all the details.